Presenting Companies

The 12 Israeli agrifood tech companies presenting at AgriVest 2019 were selected from more than 60 applicants by an independent committee headed by Tamar Weiss (Start-Up Nation Central). Committee members: Eyal Emmanuel, PhD (Evogene), Moran Buganim Gold (Israel New Tech), Limor Ganot (Gefen Capital), and Orly Savion, PhD (Yeda R&D).

The winning company receiveS $7,000 in services from Ernst & Young Israel.


Allows ethically sourced male chick culling-free eggs to reach the market, answering the demands of conscious egg consumers


Categories: biotechnology, livestock, precision ag/IoT, robotics and equipment

eggXYt logo

Developed IoTree technology, a durable, energy-efficient sensor that is highly sensitive to the slightest movement of larvae attacks to trees at their early stages

Agrint Sensing Solutions

Agrint logo

Dedicated to developing novel non-antibiotic-based solutions designed to transform the standard care of dairy cattle, with a focus on mastitis


Armenta logo

Offering a newly designed autonomous beehive that allows bees to live, thrive, and pollinate successfully


Categories: artificial intelligence, precision ag/IoT, robotics and equipment

Leading software provider of next-generation, automatic Quality Control as a Service (QCaaS) and data analytics solutions for the fresh fruit and veg industry


Categories: artificial intelligence, precision ag/IoT

ClariFruit logo

Providing data-driven solutions for the cannabis ecosystem


Categories: artificial intelligence, precision ag/IoT

Developing new, eco-friendly, and sustainable solutions for crop protection and productivity based on purified molecules from plants

Metabolic Insights

Categories: biotechnology, crop protection

Metabolic Insights logo

Aiming to take the food colorant market by storm with the introduction of novel betalain-based natural products


Categories: biotechnology, food technology


Developing disruptive, modular technologies to address critical problems in agriculture today, including plant climate management and water shortages

ROOTS - Sustainable Agricultural Tech.

Categories: crop protection, food technology, precision ag/IoT

ROOTS logo

Digitizes plant protection management by leveraging proprietary artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms


Categories: artificial intelligence, crop protection, farm management, precision ag/IoT

Saillog logo

Enabling sustainable food security at the seed level, with the world’s first and only seed phenotype analysis tool


Categories: artificial intelligence, biotechnology, food technology

Seed-X logo

Offering farmers insights to optimize their trees, via an agronomic intelligence service supercharged by AI


Categories: artificial intelligence, crop protection, farm management, precision ag/IoT

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