2016 Companies

The highlight of AgriVest 2016 was the company competition. Twelve Israeli agtech start-ups were selected (from more than 40 that applied) for the privilege to present at the conference. Company selection was made by an independent committee headed by Avi Perl, Chief Scientist of the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture. Each company was awarded points by judges and conference attendees. The prizes awarded to the companies with the most points was based on a weighted calculation of votes from the audience and judges.


Enzootic took first place in the company competition. The company is developing a platform for more efficient crustacean aquaculture. Second place went to FieldIn, developers of a pest management solution for high-value crops. A new prize category this year was the Impact Award, which went to ATPLabs for its system that integrates ag data to enhance the food-production chain.

Assaf Shechter of Enzootic accepts the 1st place price from Trendlines Nitza Kardish


Innovative nonthermal technology for cold pasteurization of turbid liquids

The proprietary UV technology overcomes key issues of the traditional pasteurization by heat treatment: high energy use, reduced product quality and nutritional value. Applicable to a wide range of liquids, AseptoRay’s solution can transform the manufacturing process of milk, juices, liquid sugar, beer, wine, soy, and more. Read more.

ATP Labs

Integrating ag data from masses of farmers in real time to enhance the food-production chain on a global scale

Our technology, growOS, provides scalable data interoperability for building intelligent services and data models that improve crop yield and quality. This means farmers can leverage the accumulative cultivation knowledge of others for maximizing yield and reducing risk, and food manufacturers can predict yield and quality of their supply. Read more.

Enzootic Holdings

A commercial-stage biotechnology platform for crustacean aquaculture that increase yields, economic value and sustainability, without the use of chemicals, hormones or GMO

Our current product portfolio includes: (1) all female prawns and shrimp; (2) molecular control of soft shell crab production; and (3) a broad-range anti-viral decoy nanotechnology. Read more.

Farm Dog

The first comprehensive and standardized precision agriculture platform for pest and disease management, empowering growers and advisors with the information needed to make knowledgeable decisions on field treatments

 The in-field application and web dashboard’s crop-agnostic functionalities - including workflow tools, multi-factor alerts, and friction-free regulatory filings - provide value from Day 1 for pest scouting while enabling ongoing crop-specific analytics such as outbreak prediction and pesticide efficacy testing. Read more.

FFMH-Tech (FFRobotics)

FFRobotics, the first Fresh Fruit Robotic Harvester significantly lowers grower costs

To date, nearly 100% of fresh fruits are picked manually, mostly by seasonal workers, which are becoming scarce, and, consequently, more costly. FFRobotics' Harvester will substantially reduce the reliance on menial labor and lower harvesting costs, introducing precise, modern, efficient, and more productive agriculture. Read more.


End-to-end pest management solution for professional growers of high-value crops

FieldIn helps enterprise growers and large grower organizations save money on better crop protection practices, reducing overall use of pesticides and eliminating spray mistakes. The solution combines innovative hardware with data science analytics to provide visual insights and practical tools that help manage every step of the pest control cycle -- from planning to execution. Read more.

InPlant Technologies

Platform delivery technology to increase the uptake and mobility of active agrochemical ingredients (AI) in plants

Packaging the AI inside nanoparticles made of inexpensive, GRAS materials, the InPlant platform enables effective penetration and movement of AI cargo through different routes within the plant. The platform can be used to deliver herbicides, fertilizers or biostimulants for better efficacy and reduced environmental impact. Read more.

NeoTop Water Systems

Modular cover for open water reservoirs

The unique TopUp Ball System™ decreases evaporation by an average of 80%, significantly reduces algae growth, cools water by up to 9°C and deters birds while maintaining water quality. The system increases the survival rate of fish and has many benefits for aquaculture. Read more.


​Making the genome assembly process easy and fast

Advanced computational tools and cutting-edge algorithmic models facilitate optimal trait discovery for seed companies, animal breeders, and academia. A process that used to be notoriously expensive, laborious, and time consuming is now turnkey, predictable, quick, and affordable. Read more.


Fully autonomous 3D irrigation controller

The system determines when and how much to irrigate to save water and fertilizer while reducing maintenance. Read more.


System and process for producing microalgae biomass

Cost-effective, scalable, flexible production process suitable for various microalgae strains that produce other compounds of interest such as Omega-3, Omega-7, and proteins. Read more.

ViAqua Therapeutics

Orally administered vaccine for viral diseases in aquaculture

The platform technology utilizes a proprietary RNAi nanoparticle formulation to trigger a cell reaction against specific viral infections that prevents disease and epidemics among shellfish and fish. The technology enables development of delivery solutions for other applications including crop protection and pest control. Read more.

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