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Start-Up Exhibitors at AgriVest 2019


Agrint was established to make an impact on the massive worldwide spraying of pesticides, by focusing treatment on infested trees only. Agrint's innovative IoTree solution, a highly sensitive and energy-efficient sensor, detects the slightest movements of the larvae at their earliest stages of life, providing early detection of their activities.


AgroScout has developed a self-service, affordable app for early detection of pests and diseases in field crops. The app was designed with one simple rule in mind: solutions that utilize artificial intelligence (AI) must be affordable and user-friendly for wide market acceptance. AgroScout's app harnesses the autonomous flight capabilities of low-cost drones.

Armenta logo

Armenta developed the first non-antibiotic, noninvasive treatment using acoustic pulse therapy (APT). APT is a proprietary technology specifically adapted from human health care to be used in dairy farms. Biological responses to APT include, among others, angiogenesis, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, dispersion of pain mediator (substance P), and nerve regeneration.

Automato Robotics aims to solve the international labor crisis in agriculture. Our vision is to develop affordable robots to replace field workers. The first product is an affordable robot for harvesting single tomatoes in passive environments. We target Almeria, Spain, as our first major market, and plan to start sales within 1.5 years.

Autonomous Pivot

Autonomous Pivot turns center-pivot irrigation system into robotics platform for autonomous irrigation, fertigation, and crop protection. The platform utilizes the world's 1st on-pivot GPR for noninvasive soil moisture sensing, and AI agronomist technologies, to enables fully automatic symptoms detection and autonomous curing actions.


First-place award winner of the international challenge (2018) by GC3  and 20 of largest companies in the USA and Europe. The challenge "Developing a novel green preservative for skin care, personal care and household products." Developed sustainable marine antifouling; active is our Inula viscosa extract.     


BeeHero maximizes crop yields through pollination. The company's technology combines sophisticated machine learning algorithms with low-cost sensors to stimulate full output potential during pollination cycles. By tracking and optimizing pollination in real-time, BeeHero ensures hyper-efficient pollinators that increase crop yields by at least 30%.


Trellising, leaning and lowering of fruit vegetables requires much labor. By growing the plants downwards on rotatable tubes, gravity is doing the trellising and rotating the tubes replaces leaning and lowering. An experimental area in a greenhouse shows excellent results. Project is led by a professional experienced team.


Brevel is aiming for a food-safe future by revolutionizing the microalgae industry with a groundbreaking cultivation technology based on sterile indoor and fully automated photobioreactors. Brevel received funding from the very competitive European Horizon2020 program and has won several awards.


The Cropfeed-gis platform is an interactive site allowing accurate fertilization, irrigation, planning and monitoring, using image processing. The site includes unique modules based on wide field experience: economic modules/multi-parameter analysis/multi-data layer fusion. It is based on a top 10 Elgad-Agro desktop system software.

Ag analytics company offering a do-it-yourself farm management platform, integrating data from wireless soil sensors with crop models, weather data, satellite imaging and additional field data, to provide machine-learning-based actionable insights that can be accessed by farmers from any mobile device and help boost crop yield and save on inputs.

Edete Precision Technologies for agriculture develops mechanical pollination systems designed to ensure global food security by reducing agricultural yields' dependency on insect pollination. Every third bite we take relies on insect pollination. Edete's systems secure and improve the quality and quantity of agriculture yields.


Equinom, an innovative seed technology company, introduces Smarter Seeds, non-GMO seeds for human consumption with market-transforming characteristics, superior nutritional profiles and improved crop yields. Equinom is the only seed breeding company to focus on the food industry, allowing clients to design their own ingredients.


FreezeM develops a novel technology for revivable insect freezing to improve the use of insects as a protein source for animal feed. FreezeM creates the only viable way to generate a steady output of larvae to insect protein factories worldwide  a solution corresponding to agricultural seed production.


GO SMART all in one integrated precision farming solution provides the aquaculture industry with the necessary data to optimize feeding, improve FCR and fish growth performance while reducing feed waste, money loss and labor costs for the farmer, addressing the unmet need for precise continuous measurement and tracking means to do so.


Grow Director develops cannabis and agritech solution for automation of crop growing. Our device controls and fully automates every function of the growing process for any crop from cannabis to vegetable and fruits. Our team of experienced agriculturists and a team of IT developers work together to make cultivation easy and fun for everyone.

World's first commercial grasshopper farm! Grasshoppers are nature's most efficient protein source: Healthier for humans and more sustainable to grow. Hargol sells whole grasshoppers and grasshopper powder to food producers in North America and Europe.


Hydroponics Network is developing a cutting-edge IoT technology that provides monitoring and guidance for hydroponics systems. The solution enables anyone to become a hydroponic grower and enjoy the benefits of consuming fresh, healthy food; a fruitful growing experience; being part of a community of growers; sharing economy.


Autonomous, robotic and vertical farms to feed the future with an initial focus on cannabis and premium herbs. We have a unique business model; open-source hardware, sold and constructed via external contractors, and a SaaS revenue model. Our disruptive solution is based on IIoT aeroponic pods, CNC machines, and storage rovers.


Medva GIS develop spatial management solutions in various domains. Its key product, Insight, is an advanced cloud-based spatial BI and DSS platform. We combine advanced technology with efficient interface to create powerful tools for our users. Agri Insight is a unique SDSS. It addresses decision making to match farmers ecosystem challenges.


NanoCap Solution is a start-up company specializing in technologies for slow release of active ingredients for agricultural applications that enables the delivery of effective green pest solutions. NanoCap Solution has developed a variety of propitiatory technologies that encapsulate pheromones and other ingredients on a molecular level.


PlantArcBio is a plant biotech startup, Improving Crops' yield and stress tolerance, using our proprietary platform. We discover and develop solutions for the seed and ag-chem companies. Our discoveries will be integrated in improved seeds or ag-biologicals sold to the farmers worldwide. Founded 2014. 4$ million invested, 3 collaborations, 3 patents.

Plant Ditech introduces a novel digital sensing technology platform that accelerates new seed products and agriculture inputs introduction, as well as academic research, and helps cannabis companies to optimize growth with better plants tolerance to various stresses, water-use-efficiency and nutrients-use-efficiency.


Saturas developed a miniature, tree-embedded sensor that continuously measures Stem Water Potential (SWP), which is scientifically recognized as the most reliable measurement of water stress and an important practical tool for irrigation management. The company provides an essential tool for optimal crop water status-based irrigation.


Tie Up Farming's goal is to build a market yield forecast algorithm for the horticulture industry. We are using a farm and packing shed management software designed specifically for fruit and vegetables agribusinesses in order to collect data and feed the algorithms.


ViAqua addresses the growing need for effective and affordable health management solutions for aquaculture. ViAqua's 1st product is a novel oral delivery platform designed to deliver RNA. Co-developed with Skretting (Nutreco), RNA induced resistance to white Spot Shrimp Virus is incorporated into and delivered by shrimp-feed. 


Viridix is a professional precision irrigation system that helps farmers irrigate in the most optimized way. Powered by Root-Sense technology- an Artificial Root sensor that imitate the roots activities and gets to the farmer what the roots feels in a real time. The data is crunched by an algorithm that highlights every important on the Viridix app.


A unique platform, patented polypropylene tray that covers the plant's root system, directing water and fertilizer directly to the root, while protecting the soil around the root from weeds and extreme temperatures. 

Tevatronic manufactures smart irrigation control system based on wireless soil sensors and mathematical algorithms. The system enables fully autonomous irrigation while taking into account plants' demand for water. Such a method drastically reduces water consumption while enabling better yield quality and quantity control.

Tevel is leading the transformation of fruit picking from manual fruit picking into a fully autonomous, data driven, harvesting on-demand solution, by deploying fleets of flying robots driven by cutting-edge AI, to bring prosperity to fruit growers around the world. Tevel has experienced management, 25 talents, 6 broad patents and working pilots.

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