October 26

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10:00 AM IDT (Israel Day Time) | 09:00 AM CET | 07:00 AM GMT

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07:00 PM IDT (Israel Day Time) | 06:00 PM CET | 12:00 AM EST | 04:00 PM GMT
10:00 – 10:05 AM IDT | Opening Remarks 


10:05- 10:20 AM IDT |   Keynote

Barbara Baarsma, CEO at Rabo Carbon Bank

10:20- 10:35 AM IDT | Fireside Chat: Prospera & Valmont

After making the largest Israeli Agtech deal this year, Israeli Prospera meets American Valmont for an insightful conversation.

Daniel Kopel, CEO at Prospera
Darren Siekman, Vice President of Water Management & Business Development - Global Irrigation and Tubing at Valmont Industries

10:35 – 10:55 AM IDT | AgriVest Startup Competition Pt.1


10:55- 11:10 AM IDT | Fireside Chat: CropX & Dacom

As part of the series of mergers and acquisitions by Israeli company CropX, an insightful conversation with Dutch Dacom, the latest acquisition, will take place.

Tomer Tzach, CEO at CropX Technologies LTD
Janneke Hadders, CEO at Dacom Farm Intelligence

11:10 – 11:30 AM IDT | AgriVest Startup Competition Pt.2


11:30- 11:50 AM IDT | Climate Smart Agriculture Panel

This panel will focus on how sustainability issues are affecting the way we grow our food, and what is the role of the industry leaders in this aspect. With: Bayer Crop Science, Yara and more.

Moderator: Galit Ofer, Head of Environmental Law, Cleantech & Climate Change Practice at Shibolet

11:50 – 12:10 AM IDT | AgriVest Startup Competition Pt.3


12:10- 12:30 AM IDT | Review:Projection – Investors POV Panel

This Panel will look back at the last 10 years of investments in agtech, talk about new trends like the overlap between agtech and climatetech, take a closer look at financial success stories and look forward to what we may expect in the next ten years, in Israel and beyond. With: Pontifax, Blue Horizon, Fortissimo Capital and more.

Moderator: Gideon Soesman, CO-Founder and Managing Partner at Greensoil Investment

12.30 PM IDT | AgriVest Startup Competition: Winner Announcement